Lily Allen Used to Find It Hard to Masturbate

The 'Smile' hitmaker recalls struggling to masturbate in the past and explains how she overcame it as she talks about female sexual pleasure in a candid interview.

AceShowbiz - Lily Allen found it "really difficult" to pleasure herself in the past.

The "Smile" hitmaker struggled to get intimate with herself as she "ultimately didn't feel comfortable" with herself and felt "very separate from her body."

Speaking on the "You Come First" podcast, she said, "I found pleasuring myself really difficult in many areas of my life - bar drugs and alcohol which I find easy. But I find it difficult to find the space and time to connect with myself as ultimately I didn't feel comfortable with myself."

"I felt very separate from my body so it was difficult to connect," explained the "Not Fair" singer. "I can give advice to women and girls who feel like I did. All I can say is commit to it. I always thought I don't deserve this so didn't think I could reach climax. I told myself I was one of those people who can't come, because I didn't commit to it."

Meanwhile, Lily previously insisted women should be more open about masturbation.

The 35-year-old said, "It's still such a taboo subject but it's something most people do. So why wouldn't we talk about it with pride and without guilt? When a woman talks about masturbation, it's always: 'Well you're clearly not getting sex from a male partner so you must be undesirable - or disappointed with your partner's ability.' It's lazy, archaic and just not true."

"You can do it yourself and then enjoy it with your partner. It's quite a co-dependent attitude to pleasure - that we have to rely on someone else - when we're perfectly capable of doing it ourselves. If you're hungry, you don't wait until your partner gets home to have a slice of toast!"

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