Jamie Dornan Gives Up Alcohol to Support Wife

The 'Fifty Shades of Grey' actor reveals he has decided to quit drinking for the rest of the year, following his wife Amelia Warner who has been avoiding booze for a while.

AceShowbiz - Jamie Dornan has temporarily quit drinking.

The "Fifty Shades of Grey" star has revealed he won't be touching alcohol for the rest of 2020, because his wife Amelia Warner recently cut out booze from her diet, and he wants to join her in solidarity.

Jamie - who has daughters Dulcie, seven, Elva, four, and toddler Alberta, with Amelia - told the winter issue of Wonderland magazine, "I have decided not to drink for the rest of the year. I'm on Day Five - I know, I look so good-– but I am trying not to just for the craic."

"That's something I am asking myself! Because my wife is not really drinking, (my wife) Millie's been off the booze for a while actually … So it's kind of to support that a wee bit. It's just you get into such a thing of doing it all the time particularly in lockdown."

Meanwhile, Jamie previously insisted he will "appreciate" the small things more when the coronavirus pandemic is over and is looking forward to doing all the things he has missed.

Taking to Instagram, he shared, "When this is all over I'll appreciate these things more ... People who work in the health sector. In fact, ALL people."

"Hugging my friends. Playing golf. Sun. Watching golf. Wind. Watching rugby. Rain. Watching football. Snow. A good wine list. The ocean. Travel. Work. Guinness on Draft. Restaurants. Pubs. Shops. The cinema. Live music. Life."

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