Tayshia Adams' Ex-Husband Calls Her Use of His Infidelity as Sob Story 'Hurtful'

Breaking his silence on the breakdown of his marriage to 'The Bachelorette' star, Josh Bourelle insists in a podcast interview that there was a lot more to their divorce than him cheating on her.

AceShowbiz - Tayshia Adams' ex-husband has broken his silence on their divorce. After the season 16 lead of "The Bachelorette" made a few comments about the breakdown of their marriage on the dating show as well as on "The Bachelor", Josh Bourelle finally came out to admit it was "hurtful" for him to see her using his infidelity as her sob story.

Josh weighed in on their divorce during an interview on "Reality Steve" podcast. "I figured we had a mutual respect that we wanted the best for each other after the divorce," he said. "Now, her going out and saying that I cheated on her and that was the reason for our divorce on national TV, I felt like kind of crossed the line on that a little bit because I feel like she was using that as her sob story to make her look better and it was hurtful to me because it wasn't just me that heard about that."

In the chat aired on Thursday, December 10, Josh claimed he initially did not mind when Tayshia first made public his infidelity. "While she was on 'The Bachelor', she did bring up the fact that the reason why our relationship failed, in her opinion, was that I had cheated," he stated. "When that first happened, I said, 'Well, okay, I guess it's fine for her to say it one time,' but now it just continues to happen."

"Really, the only perception of me from the audience is that I am the guy who cheated on Tayshia. So, I mean, I feel like that's a slight injustice to me because there was a lot more to it than that," Josh continued, before revealing that his name has been ruined since the reality star repeatedly brought up his cheating scandal on the dating show. "It's been a slight mar to my reputation, because honestly I don't think there needs to be a negative connotation about our relationship in the past."

Josh further spilled that he was unhappy with their marriage long before he cheated. "I was not happy with our relationship," the roofer shared. "I wasn't in a place where I was actually happy and what I look for in a relationship is a partner and I didn't feel like I had a partner. I also look for somebody that I want to raise kids with and honestly, I came to the conclusion that I didn't want to raise kids with her." He also claimed that their intimacy was "seriously lacking."

During the interview, Josh mentioned that Tayshia apologized to him after rumors were abuzz about his potential appearance on "The Bachelorette" back in November. At the end, he went on to remind his ex-wife not to involve him in her life anymore. "Quit using one thing that happened in our relationship as a sob story to make people feel bad for you," he pleaded.

"I mean, it's kind of hypocritical in a way because you're calling me a cheater, yet you're dating 25 different guys at the same time or whatever," he argued. "It's been a tough situation for me and I'm kind of over it at this point."

Josh was married to Tayshia for about a year and a half before the two called it quits and finalized their divorce in November 2017.

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