Cari Champion Reacts to Criticism Over Her and Jemele Hill's Remarks on Jake Paul's Boxing Win

In an episode of VICE TV's 'Stick to Sports' featuring the YouTuber as the guest, the two co-hosts alluded that it might be racist for Jake to win over former NBA star Nate Robinson.

AceShowbiz - TV journalists Cari Champion and Jemelle Hill landed in hot water over their controversial remarks about Jake Paul's victory in the boxing match against former NBA star Nate Robinson last month. In an episode of VICE TV's "Stick to Sports" featuring the YouTuber as the guest, the two co-hosts alluded that it might be racist for Jake to win over Nate.

"This is our question of the week we saw what happened to Nate Robinson so I'm gonna ask Jake Paul right here in front of America," Jemelle began. "Jake, um considering where we are right now in our racial conversation in America, was what you did to Nate Robinson racist?"

Despite the shocking question, Jake didn't seem to be unfazed. He jokingly responded, "Nah. Stop playin' with me." He went on explaining, "Yeah, I mean this is what we train for. You know at the end of the day boxing's a sport, and uh, you know you train to win. Nate, Nate is the one who called me out originally."

However, the co-hosts didn't seem to plan to move on from the topic. Cari further pressed Jake with the same question, "Okay first and foremost, was it racist to knock a black man out? That is the question." To that, Jake replied while looking obviously agitated, "No. Stop asking me that, I said, 'No, it's not racist.' It's a s***y question. It's a sport."

The question didn't sit right with some viewers as well as they expressed their frustration on social media. "And everyone wonders why they hated her at ESPN. Signed agreed fight, is it racist he won, or inspiring if a black man beat him. All this s**t needs to f**king stop," one said on Twitter.

"Never been a Jake Paul fan, don't follow youtubers, but this is ridiculous @jemele hill @carichampion Props to Jake for handling it as one should. #cancelthiss**tshow," another user added. "as a black man that question is stupid as hell. who the hell told them to ask this question. Jemelle seemed like she didn't wanna ask the question and she started laughing cuz she knew it was ridiculous to even ask. VICE DO BETTER," another person opined.

Another person questioned, "Are black people okay with how the media wants us to treat them like sensitive little kids, applaud everything they do? Do you really feel fulfilled this way? This is a new form of slavery that left brings you.... Where you're too sensitive for anything?"

Cari noticed the critism and attempted to explain in a tweet on Wednesday, December 9. "Y'all, @jemelehill and I were trolling a troll with permission," she claimed. "This wasn't an interview with weight. It was sarcastic- y'all need context? Bc if y'all can't hear the laughing, the bad WiFi connection- smh. So for the outraged!"

Cari Championed she and Jemele Hill were trolling with permission

Cari Championed she and Jemele Hill were trolling 'with permission.'

The explanation, however, wasn't enough to stop more backlash from coming. "Y'all some losers for even asking this question lol asking him the second time just solidified the slander y'all getting now," someone commented. "It wasn't funny. The conversation of racism is not a trolling matter. Accept the L," another person blasted the co-hosts.

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