Twista Apologizes for Posting Disrespectful Meme of Gabourey Sidibe
WENN/Instagram/Charlie Steffens

The 'Slow Jamz' rapper admits he was making 'an honest mistake' with the now-deleted post, after the 'American Horror Story' actress responds to his controversial meme.

AceShowbiz - Twista has owned up to his mistake after offending people in general and Gabourey Sidibe in particular with a meme about the actress. The rapper came under fire after sharing the disrespectful post on his Instagram account.

Taking the heat for the distasteful joke that compared the 37-year-old star with another girl, who has enviable curves, he later deleted the post. The 47-year-old emcee has extended his apology via The Shade Room, admitting that it was "an honest mistake."

He said the post was a re-share from Facebook and it wasn't meant to harm anyone. "My apologies to anyone that took offense to it," he once again expressed his regret.

The meme in question featured a side-by-side picture of Gabourey and model Bernice Burgos, who flaunts her figure in a bra top and skin-tight leggings. The meme asked people to choose between either woman.

Gabby, who was recently engaged to her boyfriend Brandon Frankel, was labeled as option "A" with benefits such as "make $30 a hour," "own house," "own Car" and "no kids." Bernice was option "B", with such traits attached to her as "No Job," "staying couch 2 couch," "no car," "12k followers on ig." and "3 kids 3 bds." Twista captioned the meme with, "Who y'all choosing A or B."

Catching wind of it, Gabby chose to take the high road in her response. "Wow. I um.... gee," she commented on the post. "@twistagmg I only like you as a rapper I forgot about in 2005. But good luck with option B!" She added a kissing emoji.

Others, meanwhile, had harsher responses to Twista s meme, accusing him of bullying. "twista got his nerve," one warned the rapper. Another reminded him, "Now Twista know he wrong for that."

An angry user blasted him, "Twista, a fat af ugly n***a. this is what i mean when i say fck fat men. The greatest perpetuators of fatphobia is fat men. They can bleed out slow for all i care." A fourth user similarly added, "Twista a b***h for this post and you are the lowest of the low."

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