The 'Boston Public' alum goes on an angry tirade against Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom for allowing this kind of business to operate while outdoor dining is banned in the city.

AceShowbiz - Michael Rapaport was so "pissed" at those who do not follow COVID-19 protocols. The "Boston Public" alum could not contain his temper during an afternoon drive in Los Angeles when he saw that flea markets were still open despite the coronavirus shutdown.

The 50-year-old made use of Instagram to share a video of him recording the market operation. "Flea Market is Popping on Melrose and Fairfax. This is why people are pissed," he argued in the caption. He then called out Mayor Eric Garcetti and Governor Gavin Newsom, "S**ts not right @mayorofla @gavinnewsom. CURRENTLY OUTDOOR DINING IS SHUTDOWN IN LA!!!"

In the footage himself, Michael expressed his frustration by stating, "Yo, look at this s**t. The f**king Melrose Fairfax market is popping. And I don't have problems with all these people making their money and making their living." He went on raging, "But how the f**k is this okay. But right across the street all the cafes all the restaurants are shut down."

"Look at this s**t! Get your money, but who's making the decision here," the former star of "Prison Break" further bashed the continuation of the business. He concluded his message by stating, "This don't make any f**king sense. This is why all the motherf**kers are pissed off and protest it."

While some of Michael's followers share the same opinion with him, others clapped back in return. One user commented, "Pissed off because people are trying to feed their families?" Another expressed similar sentiment, "Yeah, all those poor people trying to make a living and feed their families. Horrific." Meanwhile, a third argued, "People need to work."

This was not the first time Michael took a jab at those who broke COVID-19 rules. In late November, the comedian took to Instagram to share a video of a woman who refused to wear a face mask. "These maskless Fkc's need to start being treated like Criminals," he wrote alongside the clip. "They're Fkcing it up for the whole team. Fake A** Scientists in Jersey being rude AF!"

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