JT Apologizes for Past Colorist Tweet: 'I Probably Was Arguing Back Then'

In a screenshot of her post on the site from January 2018, the one half of duo City Girls is seen making colorist remarks that immediately landed the raptress in hot water.

AceShowbiz - JT from City Girls was dragged on Twitter after her controversial tweet from the past emerged online. In the tweet, the raptress was seen making colorist remarks that immediately landed her in hot water.

In a screenshot of her tweet from January 2018, JT wrote, "I love pretty dark skin girls. not too crispy na! But the milky ways be the s**t." One of the critics blasted JT, writing, "JT is acting weird as hell making a joke out of her colorism and overall problematic past it's just not sit right. self hatred isn't the joke she thinks it is."

Noticing the backlash she's been receiving, JT took to the blue bird app to issue an apology. "I barely was on Twitter last night a fan sent the tweet & I removed it sorry if I offended anyone." Trying to explain the circumstance, she went on to say, "I probably was arguing back then or some dumb s**t. I don't hate y'all or myself I just be talking s**t!"

"Just like y'all tweet crazy s**t to people cause y'all have no platform I was the same way! & back then social media wasn't this sensitive," she continued. In a separate tweet, the "Flewed Out" spitter added, "What y'all need to understand is I was regular! Like a hood b***h fr arguing daily fighting etc just on bulls**t period."

The 28-year-old also claimed, "Most of my tweets was about local h**s in my neighborhood stop bringing that s**t into this life it has NOTHING to do with that!"

Fans, however, didn't buy her words. "She was not regular two years ago cancel her like everyone else get cancelled," one fan urged. Meanwhile, a person said, "Girl, we saw the mugshots. You shouldn't have been calling nobody crispy. Period," referring to her previous jail stint for fraud charges. "That was in 2018 though she [email protected] 26 she could've read the room and knew that was inappropriate... but whatever growth is an amazing thing," another person added.

Some others, meanwhile, jumped to her defense, noting that "we all do it out of anger I don't think it was personal she black as hell fr." Agreeing with the rapper, a fan said, "She's absolutely correct.... this new era soft... everyone butt hurt over an opinion!!" Echoing the sentiment, one user commented, "She has a point cause a lot of y'all be saying anything and get away with it cause of no platform and now that she has one in today's times it was perceived way worse."

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