Artist of the Week: Miley Cyrus

The 'Midnight Sky' singer gets revenge on her ex-lovers and she does it with style as she is heading for chart domination with her glam heartache song 'Prisoner'.

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus took no prisoners as she kissed off her exes in her newest single. While doing so, she's climbing up the charts and dominating radio airplays. Teaming up with Dua Lipa, she served up an infectious dance anthem fittingly titled "Prisoner" that sampled Olivia Newton-John's all-time classic "Physical".

"In loving memory of all my exes, eat s**t," so the former Disney Darling told her former lovers in a bold message in her music video. The song itself chronicled a toxic relationship, something that many people could easily relate to. She blasted an unnamed ex for being manipulative and making her feel like a hostage.

The song was among new favorites in various countries across the globe. She made the highest new entry on U.K. Singles Chart, bowing at No. 8 while entering the Top 40 on this week's Mediabase pop radio airplay chart. She additionally reached Top 20 both on the ARIA singles chart and on the U.S. Rolling Stone Top 100.

Besides addressing her love life, the "Hannah Montana" alum talked about growing up under the spotlight in another new song called "Angels Like You". She opened up about how traumatized she felt by the constant media scrutiny she had to endure since she was young.

"I had some guilt or shame with that song in the way that it's written, but now that I listen to it, it is actually apologetic," she told Rolling Stone. "It is saying, 'It's not your fault I ruin everything, and it's not your fault that I can't be what you need.' My independence and, I guess, my survivalist instincts make it where I can seem selfish."

Those tracks are taken from Miley's seventh studio album called "Plastic Hearts". The new album, led by hit single "Midnight Sky" which went on to become one of 2020's Songs of Summer, features guest vocals from such icons as Joan Jett, Billy Idol, and Stevie Nicks. It's released in late November, three years after her last set.

The album is expected to make a high debut on Billboard Hot 200 if her chart history is any indication. She topped the charts with her three previous efforts: 2007's "Meet Miley Cyrus", 2008's "Breakout", and 2013's "Bangerz". She also reached top 3 with 2010's "Can't Be Tamed" and top 5 with 2017's "Younger Now".

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