Miley Cyrus Says Liam Hemsworth Marriage Was to Salvage Herself After Malibu House Fire

In an interview for the January 2021 issue of Rolling Stone, the 'Malibu' singer admits getting married to the 'Hunger Games' actor was her 'one last attempt to save myself.'

AceShowbiz - Miley Cyrus continued to open up about her short-lived marriage to Liam Hemsworth. After declaring that she will always love her ex-husband, the "Malibu" songstress confessed that she tied the knot with "The Hunger Games" actor in "attempt to save [herself]" after losing their Malibu home in the 2018 Woolsey fire.

In an interview for the January 2021 issue of Rolling Stone, the 28-year-old explained the relation between the fire and her marriage. "In a way, it did what I couldn't do for myself. It removed me from what no longer was serving its purpose. And then as you drown, you reach for that lifesaver and you want to save yourself. I think that's really what, ultimately, getting married was for me. One last attempt to save myself," she stated.

The older sister of Noah Cyrus additionally offered more details on her song "Slide Away", which was believed to be addressed to her ex-husband. "I was still in my relationship, I was still living in my house in Malibu," she shared when she wrote the ballad. "That's why [I sang], 'I want my house in the hills.' I wanted out of there, and it says, 'I don't want the whiskey and pills.' I didn't want to maintain that lifestyle."

Days earlier, Miley had discussed her trauma of losing their home and her divorce from Liam. In the Wednesday, December 2 episode of "The Howard Stern Show", she told host Howard Stern, "We were together since 16. Our house burned down. We had been like, engaged - I don't know if we really ever thought we were actually going to get married, but when we lost our house in Malibu,... I was actually in South Africa, so I couldn't come home."

"I had so much and it was all gone," the former Disney darling added. "Me being an intense person and not wanting to sit with it and not wanting to go, you know, 'What could be purposeful about this?' I just clung to what I had left of that house, which was me and him. And I really do and did love him very, very, very much and still do, always will."

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