London On Da Track Refuses to Stir Up Summer Walker Drama Amid Absent Father Allegations

The 'Positions' producer denies the 'Playing Games' singer's claims that he is not present in the lives of his already existing children with his exes, while she's currently pregnant with his child.

AceShowbiz - London On Da Track and Summer Walker's complicated relationship has gotten ugly while they're expecting their first child together. The rapper and record producer, who has been dating the singer on and off since 2019, has responded to her allegations of him abandoning his children with his other exes.

"I'm not going to let heightened emotions, continued false narratives and accusations trick me into disrespecting the mothers of ANY of my children," he wrote on his Instagram Stories on Monday, November 30, without specifically mentioning whom his message was directed at.

He went on denying that he is not present in his children's lives. "I love my kids dearly and currently doing everything in my power (legally) to ensure my kids safety and quality of life," he stated, before adding, "Drama isn't my priority. my children are."

Previously, Summer put London and his baby mamas on blast in an Instagram rant. "I should really out this bum a** n***a @londonondatrack. I could really f**k up (laugh out loud) but I'm not... for now. lol ... for now ima just take my l," she wrote over the weekend.

"Black men gotta start doing better when it comes to being a father. my grandfather lame, my father lame, & dis n***a lame," she continued in the since-deleted post. "lol and I guess the cycle will just continue. I guess n***as still dealing with the shackles of mental slavery or some s**t, back when white men ripped you from your families and beat you to death if you tried to protect them. It goes deep. S**ts really sad (sic)."

Summer went on to call London "selfish," claiming, "I tried to get his baby mamas to let him see the kids, they didn't want to cause they was bitter & hated me for no reason. I tried to get, everybody to just get the f**k along like one big happy family and instead everyone just s**t on me. & now I just have the s**t end of the stick cause all these mf's (mother f**kers) is G H E T T 0 (sic)."

Summer further called out London in a Monday Story post, writing, "It be the ones you'll do anything for that treat you like you're nobody." She additionally shared a cryptic quote on her feed which read, "If you see a woman that has everything going for herself and you're not ready to add value to her life... just admire her from afar. Please don't interrupt her greatness."

When a user suggested that Summer's got what she deserved for disrespecting London's baby mamas and taking him back after he cheated on her, the 24-year-old star responded, "1st, if that n***a ever cheated on me I ain't never found out & damn this perspective is so annoying. I never disrespected his baby mamas. I retaliated because I ain't no h*e."

Suggesting that it's her defense mechanism after being treated badly, Summer continued, "Ain't nobody bout to keep being nice tryna sing kumbaya big happy family when they keep constantly disrespecting me. I'm going to curse you out every time. Lol who raised y'all to just let mf's talk you crazy time after time and you never say s**t back."

"lol idek how I'm bout to make it thru this s**t," she confided in another post.

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