London On Da Track's BM Eboni Ivorii Trolls Shenseea for Sending Her Cease and Desist Letter

After calling out Shenseea, Eboni also drags London, claiming she spoke to Summer Walker and London is allegedly trying to take their daughter and put her on child support.

AceShowbiz - London On Da Track's baby mama Eboni Ivorii claimed she got a cease and desist letter from Shenseea. However, instead of stopping attacking the singer online, Eboni made fun of her once again on her Instagram Story.

Sharing a screenshot of the letter, Eboni penned, " 'Chinsea' is a joke like a cartoon," referring to Shenseea's real name, Chinsea Lee. In a separate snap, she wrote, "If she focused on selling records and raising her kid right instead of tryna make me be quite ab some truth then someone could name One of her songs."

"Talking bout bob Marley, How ab name One 'Chinsea' song, Anybody," Eboni added. She later unleashed an audio clip of her and London's daughter where she alleged that Shenseea's son showed her his "vagina" and made her smell it.

Eboni went on to drag London. "Boy your daughter called you and told you that a lil boy that your mom left her alone with pulled his whole naked thing out and made her smell it," she argued. "Then he asked her if he smelled it she told his big brain YES!"

Not stopping there, Eboni claimed she spoke to Summer Walker and London is allegedly trying to take their daughter and put her on child support. "Let's talk about how Brokey with that big head has 4 kids and tries to put all 4 baby moms on child support and give the babies to his mom," she said. "I talked to summer the other day he's trying to take her baby right now and put her on child support with his big broke head."

Eboni first brought accusations against Shenseea's son in mid-November. "I'm saying loud and clear, and I mean it from the bottom of my soul. Shenseea, you and your little nasty son stay away from my daughter," she declared in her post at that time. "Shenseea, you need to talk to your son and take him to therapy before he grows up and gets into real trouble."

Eboni went on to emphasize in a separate post, "In the meantime, I’m saying loud and clear again. Shenseea keep yourself and your son AWAY from my daughter for the rest of your life." She continued, "And don't act like I didn't dm you first and reach out to everyone else. If people close to you didn't let you know your bad."

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