Nicki Minaj Shares Cute Clip of Her Baby Boy Cooing
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The 'Anaconda' hitmaker, who has not shown her son's face to the world, lets the infant interact with her fans as she posts the audio featuring the baby saying 'hi to the Barbz.'

AceShowbiz - While Nicki Minaj has chosen to keep her newborn son's out of the spotlight, she has made sure her child shares that special bond with Barbz. On Friday, November 27, the first-time mom shared an audio clip of her baby boy greeting her fans.

In the clip posted on her Twitter page, the Trinidadian-born rapper was trying to conversing with her son. "Say hi to the Barbz, papa bear. Say hi," she said to the infant. "Whatcha doin'? Say something." As the baby was heard cooing, the 37-year-old proud mom laughed before praising her son, "Aww, you said hi to the Barbz? Good boy. Good boy."

Nicki kept her pregnancy under wraps despite months-long speculation, before confirming the news in July. She welcomed the baby boy, her first child with husband Kenneth Petty, on September 30.

Earlier this month, the "Anaconda" hitmaker explained her decision not to hire help to raise her son. "Why Nicki can't be a normal celebrity and get a nanny. Girl I miss you," a fan complained about the long wait for the star to be back in the limelight. She then retweeted the post, adding, "Everyone tells me that. Lol. I rlly should get one. Difficult decision tho."

Another fan commended her decision not to hire a nanny. "It's your first child, I totally understand if you don't want to have a nanny. Take in every moment and get a nanny when you need one @NICKIMINAJ," the user tweeted, which Nicki liked.

Opening up about motherhood, the new mom also revealed that her son wanted her "undivided attention." She tweeted on November 5, "Last night I tried to tweet while I was feeding him. He looked @ me & said 'absolutely TF NOT.' He wants his undivided attention chile."

While she hasn't shown her son to public yet, Nicki hinted that she won't hide her child forever. "Can't wait til he meets you guys," she tweeted on November 6. "I wonder if he'll like yall? He's prob gonna be so confused at first. Like why yall so loud? That lady ain't nobody she just my mom."

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