Wayne Coyne Pleads With Fans Against 'Scalper Tickets' Purchase Over Space Bubble Concerts
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Since tickets for the World's First Space Bubble Concert quickly sold out, and The Flaming Lips frontman assures their devotees that the band works to add more dates.

AceShowbiz - The Flaming Lips frontman Wayne Coyne has urged fans not to purchase "scalper tickets" to what they've dubbed the "World's First Space Bubble Concert" as the band works to add more dates.

The musicians have been trialling the idea of using giant, inflatable hamster balls for both themselves and audience members for a few months, to allow the group to get back onstage - and for fans to enjoy live music again in a safe and secure environment.

The Flaming Lips set their first ticketed show for 11 December at The Criterion venue in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, where 100 giant balls will be placed across the floor of the event space, with each able to accommodate between one to three people.

Tickets for the World's First Space Bubble Concert went on sale on Friday, November 13, and quickly sold out, prompting Coyne to issue a plea to those not lucky enough to snag entry for the gig.

Taking to Instagram on Sunday, he wrote, "Please Please Please DO NOT buy any of the scalper tickets!! More shows WILL be added..."

The singer announced a second date, for 10 December, would soon be added to the schedule, and revealed the bandmembers are also making plans for another pair of concerts for January.

"looking to January 15th and 16th of 2021 for more Space Bubble shows here at Criterion (sic)," he shared.

The Flaming Lips first came up with the bubble idea back in June, when they performed on America's "The Late Show With Stephen Colbert" with the group and a few fans all encased in plastic bubbles.

"It holds a lot of air," Coyne told BrooklynVegan of the custom-made structures. "I mean, you can be in there for quite a while. I just don't think people quite realise what it is as a mechanism. But we've just messed with them for so long, we kind of know that it can all work and how it can work and all that."

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