Tiny 'Glad' That Notorious B.I.G. Apologized Over Xscape Diss Minutes Before His Murder

Although the wife of T.I. claims that she didn't exactly remember the details, she reveals in a new interview that her RnB group initially didn't want 'to deal with him.'

AceShowbiz - Tiny (Tameka Cottle) recalled her having a deep talk with Notorious B.I.G. during her sit-down interview for VLAD TV. In a new video, the singer discussed her early career with Xscape and when the legendary rapper made dissing remarks about the group.

"There was that song, 'Dreams', where he dissed you guys," Vlad asked the wife of T.I., referring to the song by the late rapper off his 1994 debut album "Ready to Die". "In 1997, there was this huge vibe party in L.A. and Biggie is there and from what I understand he tried to approach you guys to apologize."

Tiny confirmed the story, saying, "So he did." She went on explaining, "There was a couple times after the 'Dream' song that we had a couple shows and he would be, you know, Jermaine [Dupri] would be like, 'Yo, Biggie wants to see y'all. He wants to talk to y'all.' And some of the girls were like, 'No!' "

Although Tiny claimed that she didn't exactly remember the details, she remembered that the group didn't want "to deal with him." Back to the Vibe party, Tiny revealed that fellow member Kandi Burruss was so against of the idea of talking to Biggie after the mockery, prompting Tiny to step in and decide to go to Biggie by herself.

Of what happened after she met the "Mo Money Mo Problems" rapper, Tiny said, "He basically apologized for saying it. He thought we were beautiful. He was just, 'I'm an ugly motherf***er, I ain't had no business talking about nobody.' "

Tiny revealed that she and the group then left and they shared a hug with the rapper. "It was all good and then, you know..," she explained, referring to Biggie getting shot less than an hour after their encounter. Tiny claimed that upon knowing his murder, Kandi told her that she regretted for not talking to him before his death.

When asked about her feeling for spending some time with Biggie minutes before the fateful night, Tiny responded, "It was crazy. I just felt like I was just glad that I got a chance to, like, even say anything, and speak. And he got a chance to tell me how he felt, he apologized and it went all good."

On "Dreams", Biggie, who was shot four times in a drive-by shooting in Los Angeles on March 9, 1997, dragged the '90s R&B group that consists of Tiny, Kandi, LaTocha Scott, Tamera Coggins-Wynn and Tamika Scott. "I'll f**k RuPaul before I f**k them ugly a** Xscape b***es/ You can 76 the 69 try 68/ Did Raven Simone call date rape?/ Only 'cause I'm paid," he rapped.

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