Tyga Slapped With Lawsuit Over Unpaid Rent and Property Damage

The 'Rack City' rapper is taken to court by his former landlord for allegedly failing to pay his rent and damaging the property after living there for a year.

AceShowbiz - Tyga is facing a $200,000 (£152,000) lawsuit from a landlord who alleges he failed to pay his rent and damaged the property.

The owner of a rental home the rapper left in April (20) after living there for a year, claims he failed to pay $32,000 (£24,300) in rent and left the place a wreck, according to TMZ.com.

Documents obtained by the U.S. gossip website show the landlord alleges the "Rack City" hitmaker left gouges in the kitchen's white oak flooring, costing $27,650 (£20,985), damaged marble flooring and counters, $15,575 (£11,820), and ruined the walls with murals and wallpaper, at a cost of $103,160 (£78,295)

The landlord also claims Tyga installed a basketball hoop that damaged the driveway, and new locks that destroyed a door without permission.

The property owner says he tried to settle the problems through mediation but failed to reach an agreement and he now wants more than $200,000 in damages.

Tyga was previously sued by another disgruntled landlord back in 2018.

Tyga launched new ventures this year amid the ongoing coronavirus that prompted a number of live shows to be called off.

The rapper joined OnlyFans, following in the footsteps of fellow stars like Bella Thorne, Cardi B, and his ex Blac Chyna. "I like you I don't give af bout yo bf (boyfriend)," read his introduction on his adult social media page.

He also sank his teeth into the restaurant industry by announcing his own food brand that included chicken tenders and nuggets. He relied on online delivery service to bring his products to customers. "For me, this is kinda safe too," he explained. "I don't have to deal with the headache of opening a restaurant, hiring staff, and doing all that extra stuff, so people who already have that in place can just franchise that (his brand) and do it themselves."

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