King Von's Leaked Autopsy Photo Enrages Fans

Social media users call out whoever has leaked the picture of the late 'Crazy Story' emcee's body on autopsy table, as it's reported that the image first circulated among rival rapper Quando Rondo's crew.

AceShowbiz - As if things couldn't get worse for King Von's family and loved ones, a graphic image of his dead body has circulated online. A few days after he got shot and killed in Atlanta, the autopsy picture of the late rapper has been leaked online.

The image, which can be seen here, shows the Chicago star lying lifeless on an autopsy table with "baseball stitches" across his chest where it had been cut open. It's unclear who leaked the picture, but many believe it came from the affiliates of Von's killer.

Words are the snap began circulating on Monday night, November 9 among multiple people associated with Von's rival rapper Quando Rondo. Eventually the image was posted on the Instagram page of Timothy Leeks, the man who has been accused and arrested for the murder of Von. Timothy is said to be the half-brother of rapper Quando.

After the leaked autopsy picture went viral, people took to social media to express their rage and disgust at the disrespectful act. One fan wrote on Twitter, "i feel so sorry for King Von man, they disrespecting him to the MAX. they done released the video of him getting killed, released photos of his body on a morgue table, females making drama behind his name, mfs posting dms.. he can't even rest in peace. That s**t super sad yo."

Another also felt sorry for Von, "King Von I'm so sorry. These n***as are not letting you Rest In Peace. A lot of foul s**t going on. You deserve better king." A third user slammed whoever leaked the photo, "Why are people posting King Von's picture of his dead body in a morgue. Are you guys sick or are you sick??????"

"This King Von s**t is really just bringing the worst out of people.. how y'all gonna leak that man on the autopsy table," a fourth person reacted in disbelief. Someone else thinks that the photo is not real, "but its f**ked up either way."

Von died after getting shot on early Friday, November 6 when he and a group of men left the Opium Nightclub and went to the Monaco Hookah Lounge on 255 Trinity Avenue. Two men approached the group in the parking lot and a fight erupted. The argument quickly escalated to gunfire that killed two men, including Von, and injured others.

Timothy, a 22-year-old from Savannah, was charged with felony murder after the Atlanta Police Department secured warrants on Saturday. He was apprehended while hospitalized at Grady Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a gunshot wound.

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