'Bachelorette' Star Clare Hits Back at Hater Calling Her Whirlwind Romance With Dale Moss 'Brutal'

'The Bachelorette' star, who made history by breaking up with the rest of her suitors in her season, addresses the criticism that she earns after she got engaged to Dale after only five episodes.

AceShowbiz - Clare Crawley refused to be bullied over her relationship with Dale Moss. Finding their engagement being trolled by social media users, the the lead of "The Bachelorette" season 16 called out a hater dubbing their whirlwind romance "brutal."

The 39-year-old and her new fiance turned to Instagram Live to celebrate their engagement with her online devotees on Thursday, November 5. However, one follower seemed displeased with the news, commenting, "This is brutal." In response to the remark, she hit back, "Girl, you're on it watching it. So, nobody made you."

Clare was again forced to fire back at another critic who bet that they would not last three months. Saying that it was time to "pay up," the TV personality mentioned that the couple had already reached that mark.

Clare also weighed on the criticism she received while making an appearance in the Friday, November 6 episode of "Good Morning America" with Dale. "I'd be lying if I said it's been easy, because I'm human," she first confessed.

"The things people say without knowing the full truth and without seeing exactly how things really happened and genuinely happened, it just blows my mind in a world right now where there's so much negativity and hate and hard things going on right now," she continued. "Love and this type of thing should not be one of those things. So, it kind of blows me away."

Clare went on to add, "And if you care enough to go on my social media, go on [Dale's] social media, take the time to write things out and spread hate, it just really says kind of what's going internally on with them, if you're coming from a place of anger, a place of hate." She then concluded her message by stating, "So, for me, [I] just want to send them nothing but love."

Clare made history in the November 5 episode of "The Bachelorette" by being engaged to one of her suitors after only five episodes and breaking up with the remaining 16 men. Announcing the happy news, she took to her Instagram account to share a photo of Dale proposing to her. She captioned it, "It's official!! Love wins!!!! I love you @dalemoss13 !!!!"

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