NBA Star Paul George Clowned Over Engagement to GF Daniel Rajic After Paternity Drama

The Los Angeles Clippers player has proposed to his Instagram influencer partner, whom he previously denied to have a first child together with, prompting Daniel to take Paul to court.

AceShowbiz - Paul George and Daniel Rajic are engaged after a tumultuous relationship. On Friday, November 6, the Los Angeles Clippers star and his new fiancee shared the good news via their respective Instagram pages.

Both the NBA star and the Instagram influencer took Instagram Stories to share photos and videos from the proposal. It appeared that he got down on one knee during their tropical getaway at a resort overlooking the ocean.

In the video, the pair kissed after Daniel accepted his proposal. He then put a ring on her finger which doesn't fit on her ring finger. The raven beauty then showed her new diamond sitting on her pinky finger instead.

Paul also shared a photo of him holding a cup which read, "She said yes." Daniel, meanwhile, shared another image showing her holding white and pink balloons as well as a glass of drink in one hand.

While the engagement is happy news in itself, not everyone was thrilled with how Paul and Daniel's relationship is unfolding after their paternity drama. In 2014, the professional basketball player denied that he fathered a child with Daniel, though she became pregnant after they were dating for several months.

He had a paternity test and was found to be the father, but objected to having a relationship with his daughter, prompting Daniel to take him to court. The two parents reached a settlement in November 2014, "with full joint custody and a financial package."

Daniel, a former stripper, was also famously known for having an affair with another NBA star, Damian Lillard, when he was in a relationship with Callie Rivers, the daughter of his former coach Doc Rivers.

So instead of congratulating the couple, some social media users trolled Paul for getting engaged to the woman he didn't trust and broke up with. "is this the same girl he tried to pay to get an abortion ?" a naysayer brought up the baby battle. Another similarly asked, "Is this the woman he denied having a baby with at first? Or either paid her for an abortion and then got back with her and I think... had another?"

A third person advised Daniel to "secure the bag" before he dumps her again. A fourth person echoed, "Purr he embarrassed her hopefully she's stacking on the side just in case." Some others mocked the wrong size of the ring, writing things like, "he got the wrong ring size?" and, "Crazy it doesn't fit lol maybe he was in a rush."

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