Nick Jonas Throws Jab at Drake as He Weighs In on 'Curse' Theory
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The 'Sucker' singer brags that the Jonas Brothers can help win championships, as opposed to Drake who has been accused of causing loss to sports stars or teams he's rooting for.

AceShowbiz - Nick Jonas has thrown a subtle shade at Drake as he explained the origin of the so-called Jonas Blessing. In a hilarious video he posted on his Instagram and Twitter account on Thursday, October 29, the singer/actor bragged about how his group, the Jonas Brothers, has been proven to be bringing luck to sports stars or teams.

"The Dodgers won the World Series last night, and yet, no one is talking about the very, very obvious theme here," he began saying in the video. "To fully understand this conspiracy, we have to back things up to September 22, 2019."

"That is the day of the Jonas Brothers show in Kansas City Missouri," Nick explained. "You know who was at that show? Patrick Mahomes. Cut to a few months later, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs won Super Bowl 54."

"Next up, Dec 10, Arizona. Who was there you might ask? Oh, Cody Bellinger. Cut to October 27th, the Dodgers win the World Series," he continued, before laying out another evidence, "Lewis Hamilton attended the Jonas Brothers concert in Paris on Feb. 22nd. Just last week, he won his 92nd Grand Prix, the most of all time."

Based on those events, the "Sucker" hitmaker concluded, "The key to success is to come to a Jonas Brother show." He went on trolling Drake as he explained that the effect of his group is "basically the reverse of the Drake Curse. Let's call it the Jonas Blessing."

"Just remember, it's not about how hard you practice, how naturally gifted you are. It's about the 'Year 3000', 'When You Look Me in the Eyes', 'S.O.S.' and, of course, 'Sucker'," the 28-year-old cheekily claimed. "Congrats to all you Jonas-loving athletes out there who were smart enough to come to a show. You deserve those championships."

Drake, who is a huge fan of Toronto Raptors, has been accused of causing loss to sports stars or teams which he's rooting for. The Canadian rapper has not responded to Nick's claims.

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