T.I. Responds to Backlash Over Accepting Umi Restaurant Apology on Victims' Behalf

Kaylan Colbert and her husband William Johnson, the couple involved in the incident at the Atlanta sushi restaurant, calls out the rapper for not reaching out to them before taking action of his own.

AceShowbiz - After news regarding a black couple, Kaylan Colbert and her husband William Johnson, who experienced a discrimination at Umi Sushi, a popular sushi restaurant in Atlanta, hit the web, T.I. was quick to respond. He took to his Instagram account to call for a boycott against the restaurant.

He posted on Thursday, October 29 a picture with words which read, "I see we are going to have to shut umi sushi down the way we did Houston's!!!" The rapper added in the caption, "I've been made aware of some injustices that requires our immediate attention. We comin... #YouViolateWeDemonstrate."

Tip also shared some videos of him meeting people at the restaurant. In one of his posts, he wrote, "UMI update. Our culture RUNS THIS TOWN!! It WILL BE RESPECTED!! At ALL COSTS...BY ANY MEANS!! & That's On ME!!"

While T.I.'s intention is good, his move wasn't really appreciated by the couple involved in the incident, noting that T.I. didn't reach out to them before taking action of his own. "Tip, you didn't reach out to us at all and you spoke on our behalf," Johnson, who was kicked out of the restaurant for wearing sneakers while another guest was allowed to do the same, said. "You didn't go to the issue. He never apologized on your video. All he spoke of was his connections and what he could do for his business. It wasn't about what's going on with us, how I feel, how I feel threatened, how he actually treats people from our community."

T.I. caught wind of the message, prompting him to post another video in which he responded to the man. "First of all, I don't even eat sushi. I don't know you people. My only intention is and has been to speak on behalf of the people and represent collective accordingly. ... That's it," he said. He went on explaining that everybody called him over the matter, and that's how he found out about the incident.

He also said that he didn't get money from all these things, adding that his team DM-ed the couple but there was no answer. The husband of Tiny (Tameka Cottle), wrote in the caption, "Hardest s**t about it all is having to fight with, the same people we out here fighting for!!! S**ts f**kin exhausting!!! I CANT WAIT for someone else to take the wheel. But just in case you ain't noticed... AINT NOBODY in no hurry to step in so... like it or not... I'm da best n***a you got. Best to just find ways to work together."

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