'Dr. Death' Puts Its Cast Through Daily Ritual of COVID-19 Tests as Filming Safety Measures

Hubert Point du-Jour, Joshua Jackson's co-star in the new medical drama, is grateful to be working on the project though admitting that its on-set guidelines are quite extreme.

AceShowbiz - The set of new medical drama "Dr. Death" is like a real-life hospital, because no one wants to get sick while shooting.

Stars Joshua Jackson, who plays the titular neurosurgeon, Alec Baldwin and Christian Slater have to go through a daily ritual of COVID tests and adhere to on-set guidelines, and their co-star Hubert Point du-Jour admits the health and safety requirements are quite extreme.

"We are taking a ton of COVID precautions," he tells WENN. "It's the first time I've been on a set with all the new guidelines that came through from SAG (Screen Actors Guild). It's been interesting but it's coming along."

"I hear stories of productions that have had to pause because someone gets COVID, but also I've seen stories of productions that have gone through with no issues and have completed filming. They are testing us every day. I will say it's not called the brainsical one, where it's (test swab) all the way up the nose. They're much kinder - it's not even midway through (nose) - it's a little less.

"You come in and there's the COVID nurse to test us in our dressing rooms a little bit before we head over to set and it's every day. Everyone wears masks and anyone who comes near an actor has to wear a mask and a face shield. There can only be a certain amount of people in a room and we keep the masks on until the very last second, until the first AD (assistant director) says, 'Masks off', and they say, 'Action', and we shoot and when they say, 'Cut', the masks go right back on.

"We filmed a lot of the surgery scenes and we all wore masks so it's a little like mask overload for me! It's like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm wearing a mask here, and I've got to wear a mask in the scene'... but I'm just grateful to be working on the project."

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