YouTube Star Teala Dunn Done Being 'Sugar Mama' to L.A. Models

The 'Are We There Yet?' actress reveals what she's looking for in a guy and what turns her off as she is currently single, because it's not easy to find the right partner.

AceShowbiz - Teala Dunn is so over clingy men. The 23-year-old actress admitted that she has been a sugar mama to guys she dated in the past, but she's now looking for a different kind of man as her potential partner, though it's not an easy one.

The YouTube vlogger, who is currently single, was asked what criteria she's looking for in a guy when she was out and about in Los Angeles earlier this month. She was initially unsure about it, responding, "I don't know, I'm a very picky person, so it takes a while for me to like people. Like, 'like-like' them... so I don't know."

But Teala certainly knows what she wants as she later shared to TooFab, "They have to be successful on their own." She added of her ideal type of boyfriend, "They have to have a good personality. They have to be passionate."

"They have to be successful on their own, because I've been like a 'sugar mama' dating all these models out here in LA, and it's old," she continued. "I'm over it. I can't do it again. I'm tired of being a sugar mama. I'm over it."

The 23-year-old actress, who takes over the role of Lindsey Kingston-Persons from Aleisha Allen on the TV adaptation of the 2005 feature film "Are We There Yet?", went on describing the man of her dream, "I just like when they can have their own thing going for them. I don't like when they latch onto what I'm doing," adding that a guy who can't carry his own weight is "a turn off."

"They have to be passionate," she insisted. "They have to be respectful, passionate, funny, and cute." As for what any guy who has the traits she's mentioned above should do to reach out to her, she said with giggle, "I don't know. Slide into my DMs? I don't know, Whatever!"

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