With how things are going between her daughters and boyfriend, Kris Jenner is left stuck in the middle as she says, 'I don't like being put in the middle between my girls and Corey. It just feels really uncomfortable.'

AceShowbiz - The aftermath of the drama between Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Kris Jenner's boyfriend Corey Gamble was shown in a new episode of "Keeping Up with the Kardashians", which aired on Thursday, October 15. In the new outing, Khloe Kardashian alluded that Corey made things more complicated by taking sides.

"There was already tension when the night started. There was tension at dinner," Khloe told Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian. "It was building up and building up and I think it just boiled over, and that's what happened. I think it just sucks for everybody. Sisters can get over it -- I don't know if you're not a sister how easy that is to get over it."

"I just feel bad that mom's in the middle," the 36-year-old mom of one continued, referring to Kris. "I really do. I couldn't imagine feeling like that. It just sucks."

Meanwhile, Kylie told her mom that she hasn't reached out to her sister Kendall since the argument which took place during the family trip to Palm Springs. "I think she thinks she's right in the situation and I think I'm right in this situation so I don't know," the Kylie Lip Kit founder said. "I think that the whole night got blown out of control, and it was a lot. I think that there was a lot of miscommunication. I just feel bad because we're both very upset, and things just got very out of hand."

Kendall apparently called Corey to patch things up before she eventually comes to Kylie. However, instead of working things out, the two were involved in another fight as Kendall still accused him of yelling and cursing at her that night. "That's between y'all. You keep grouping us up like it's us against you," Corey told Kendall. To that, Kendall responded, "You're 100 percent in the fight. You said, 'f**k you,' to my face. You can't even say, 'I'm sorry.' "

"Of course Corey is going to try and deflect from saying 'f**k you' to me by putting it all on my and Kylie," Kendall continued in confessional. "He doesn't want to be on bad terms with my mom."

Things took a nasty turn with Corey slamming Kendall for being "a rude person for years." He continued blasting the supermodel, "You're an a**hole when you feel like it, you get riled up for no reason. I'm about to tell you the truth about how you are. You don't apologize for nothing."

Kendall unsurprisingly took offense of what Corey said about her as she fired back, "You don't even know me. Just because I don't kiss your a** doesn't mean I'm an a**hole. I just don't f**k with you. The fact that I can't even get an apology." In a confessional, Kendall insisted that Corey was in the wrong in the situation and expected him to apologize to her.

With how things were going, Kris was left stuck in the middle between her daughters and her bofriend. "I still feel really bad about what happened," Kris admitted. "I feel really bad for Kendall that she's so upset. I don't like being put in the middle between my girls and Corey. It just feels really uncomfortable."

Kendall and Kylie had a wild fight after Kylie refused to drive Kendall home. When Corey suggested them to call another car for Kendall as they stopped at a gas station, the latter exploded and said, "Corey, I'm not getting in a f***ing random SUV by myself." After a shouting match, Kylie and Corey left Kendall alone at a gas station. Her other sisters and mom Kris then fetched her, who was sobbing as she got into the car.

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