Towanda Braxton on Toni Calling Out Tamar's Ex David Adefeso: 'He's Gone Too Far'

Toni's younger sister Towanda confirms the 'Un-Break My Heart' singer is 'pissed off' at David for involving the children in his ongoing feud with his ex-fiancee Tamar.

AceShowbiz - Towanda Braxton has spoken up in support of her sister Toni Braxton, after the latter blasted Tamar Braxton's ex David Adefeso. Taking to Instagram Live, she confirmed that her elder sister was "pissed off" at David, hence her angry-sounding Instagram post directed at the financial adviser.

"Yes, Toni is okay, she's just really pissed off at David, as we all are," said Towanda during her Live session. While still not giving a context on the situation that prompted Toni's rage at David, she cryptically shared, "We don't appreciate or agree or condone the way he's handling the situation, it's even deeper than you guys could even imagine."

Towanda went on claiming that David has crossed the line, or else Toni wouldn't post something like that. "For Toni to even say something and post it on social media because you know, she never does anything like that, you know he's gone too far...We may agree to disagree, but you never involve the children, and David went over the line when it comes to that," she echoed her sister's attack on David.

Meanwhile, David's rep has explained that Toni's mad at him because police showed up at her home where she lives with her children to question and serve Tamar in an ongoing domestic violence investigation involving David. Police came to Toni's place allegedly despite his request to the officers not attempt service at Toni's home.

Toni contacted David via text messages after the police visit and in the alleged text messages obtained by The Shade Room, her tone toward David seemed a lot less hostile than her Instagram post. In their text exchange, David let Toni know that he had a tremendous amount of respect for her.

Toni allegedly replied to him, "I am glad to read of your tremendous respect for me and I openly accept that respect as your gentleman word to not involve myself or my children in this matter. My home is my private domain and space. My personal life, including my residence(s) are not to be shared with the public..."

David's rep also said in a statement to The Blast, "David wishes the Braxton family nothing but the best and has moved on from this ordeal stronger. He's focused on justice for Nigeria (sars) and releasing his app, Sootchy, that will address wealth disparity and help reduce educational debt within minority communities."

Toni previously lashed out at David on Monday night, October 12 as she posted on her Instagram account, "David, You Ferret. You are beyond contempt." She went on warning David, "Once again, DO NOT include my children in your SHENANIGANS. Please leave my family ALONE!"

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