The rapper also slams POTUS over his infamous tax scandal through the music video, displaying the words, 'I don't pay taxes,' while the faux Trump mouths the lyrics to his song.

AceShowbiz - It's a known fact that YG hates Donald Trump to the core. Reminding his fans how much he dislikes POTUS, the hip-hop star released a music video for "Jealous" on Thursday, October 8 that features a faux Trump performing un-presidential activities in the Oval Office.

It opens with the faux Trump playing the piano before the scene then changes to show him mouthing the lyrics of the song in front of Air Force One. "They jealous, they envious of me/ I'm rich as f**k, I'm poppin' got it poppin' off a beat," he raps. "I'm f**kin' on they b***hes they payin' out here for free (Free)/ I'm stylin' with no stylist, stay clean, I got OCD (Stylin')."

Later scenes show faux Trump inviting scantily-clad women to the Oval Office as the ladies begin performing their sexy dance moves as one girl twerks in front of his face. He's clearly liking the view as he sticks his tongue out when she is busy busting her body. YG also slams Trump by displaying the words, "I don't pay taxes," while the faux president continues rapping to his song. It's a clear reference to reports that he only paid $750 in federal income taxes.

"Jealous" is one of the songs off his latest album, "My Life 4Hunnid", which was released last week. Speaking of the album in an interview with Zane Lowe, YG explained that the effort was highly influenced by Tupac Shakur. "This is as far as the space I'm in and what I'm dealing with in life. He went through a lot of the stuff that I'm dealing with right now, and he was making records about it, and just the tone and the cadence of how he was coming up. I was playing with a lot of that type of sway of Tupac," he said at the time.

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