Bow Wow Allegedly Raped as a Teenager

A former security guard at The Tunnel nightclub claims the 'Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta' star was sexually assaulted at the popular New York club when he was still underage.

AceShowbiz - Bow Wow might have experienced a traumatic incident as an underage. A person, who used to work as a security guard at The Tunnel nightclub, has revealed that the rapper-turned-reality TV star was "raped" at the popular New York club when he was still a teenager.

In a video released exclusively on documentarian Choke No Joke Arthur D. Alston III's YouTube page, the bouncer claimed the alleged sexual assault happened when the star was just 15 or 16. He recalled that a "Big Booty Puerto Rican chick from Newark, NJ" raped Bow Wow.

After dropping the shocking bombshell, he then looked directly into the camera as if confronting the alleged rapist. "You know who I'm talking about. You know what you did with Bow Wow," he said cryptically. "Why did you go and rape that lil n***a," the bouncer added, before condemning the act, "You did dirty."

Bow Wow has not addressed the rape claim. He, however, recently announced that he has become a father again. The 33-year-old confirmed reports about a secret lovechild with model Olivia Sky by sharing a picture of the newborn baby boy.

Olivia initially hinted he was the father of her newborn she called "My Dawg For Life" under a photo of Prince Bow. The rapper later gave fans a hint that he welcomed a second child after rapping about telling his daughter, Shai Moss, she has a baby brother in new song "D.W.M.O.D."

He rhymed, "Shai asking about a brother, I don't know what to say/ That's gone be one of them talks we have face-to-face/ I'm looking in his eyes, I'm trying to see me in him/ I'm peeping out his swag, and I see the resemblance."

He explained the song title, "Dealing With My Own Demons," before adding, "I'm finally letting you guys in. dont do interviews really but i put my life in my music the answers are there if you LISTEN carefully."

Bow Wow has daughter Shai from his relationship with Instagram model Joie Chavis.

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