Julianne Moore Threatened to Quit Movie When Crew Member Disrespected Alicia Vikander on Set
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Alicia Vikander is grateful to her co-star Julianne Moore for standing up for her on the movie set when a crew member made an inappropriate comment about her.

AceShowbiz - Alicia Vikander will always be indebted to fellow Oscar winner Julianne Moore for sticking up for her when a crew member made an inappropriate comment on the set of their 2014 film "Seventh Son".

The two actresses, who have teamed up again in new film "The Glorias", were filming a scene when Moore overheard something that was said off-set and shut down the shoot to address the man.

Without going into details about what was said, Vikander admits she was shocked when her castmate threatened to quit the film.

"She kind of stopped the shoot and just turned to the person who had made the comment and said, 'If you ever say something like that again, I'm gonna walk straight out of here and not come back.' That kind of put everything straight."

Now she's an Oscar winner who can command top billing on a film set, Alicia plans on following Moore's example and standing up for what she believes in.

"Now I'm older, I'm trying really to remember that," she tells "Good Morning America". "When you are secure in your position and you can do it, it's very important to raise your voice whenever you can."

Helmed by Tony-winning director Julie Taymor, "The Glorias" revolves around the life and legacy of Gloria Steinem. Alicia Vikander plays a young version of the activist while Julianne Moore portrays the icon in her older years. The movie is also supported by Bette Midler and Janelle Monae.

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