Jeff Daniels Welcomes 'Raining Grandchildren' During Pandemic

The 'Martian' actor jokes that it's 'raining grandchildren' in his family during the coronavirus pandemic while describing lockdown as 'a forced retirement.'

AceShowbiz - Jeff Daniels' family is "raining grandchildren" during the coronavirus pandemic - and the actor couldn't be happier.

"The Martian" star was incredibly busy ahead of the pandemic, filming this month's (Sep20) Showtime series "The Comey Rule", in which he plays former FBI head James Comey, but as Hollywood TV and film sets started to shut down, his family have been creating their own special productions.

"It's raining grandchildren right now. There are two and a third one drops in October," the dad of three grown-up kids with his high school sweetheart wife, Kathleen, tells "Live with Kelly and Ryan".

"There was a family meeting when the first grandchild was two months old to decide what she would call us - which I thought was odd seeing she didn't have a voice! They got around to me and said, 'You're going to be called Grandpappy'. I never heard it (before) and it has stuck."

And the actor, who's also a keen singer/songwriter, was so thrilled with his new title, he even penned a tune about it.

"I wrote a song called Grandpappy's Babysitting Blues," he explains. "I was the last one to babysit her (first grandchild). Everyone was so excited to hold her for six months then finally everyone's gone. They (parents) go, 'Can you watch her for two hours?' "

"So I said, 'I've raised three kids, I can watch her for two hours.' Then as we were sitting there, she was staring at me like, 'What are you?' so I just put that into the song."

He's happy, too, that the extended work break has allowed him to really enjoy his time as a grandparent.

"It's like a forced retirement," he laughs. "Everything except the gold watch (gift). You now are retired to stay at home and do only the things that you want to do which is like, 'Oh, that must be what retirement's like'. So it's not all bad."

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