Jeff Daniels Searches for Hero to Take Down President Donald Trump
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'Someone has to do something. Who are the heroes going to be?' the 'Dumb and Dumber' actor says.

AceShowbiz - Jeff Daniels is holding out for a hero who will help end Donald Trump's presidency. The "Dumb & Dumber" star has been a vocal opponent of the controversial, divisive Republican ever since he launched his bid for the White House in 2015, and now the actor is waiting to see who will be the man or woman to bring down the U.S. leader.

"The phrase cornered animal comes to mind," Daniels tells Deadline when asked for his opinion about the President's critics and those who appear to be waiting to strike to end his presidency, insisting he feels Trump's day's are numbered.

"My wife's on Facebook. She's pretty good about being discerning about what's true and what isn't, but she'll go, 'Listen to this,' and she'll read me something that makes me go, 'How can that possibly be true?' " Jeff says. "Sometimes it is, but sometimes it isn't. And it comes down to, that's the way things are. No one has to be accountable. No one has to be responsible for anything they do or say. Just get a team of lawyers, and say the other guy is lying..."

"I'm hoping the day will come where that kind of behaviour is no longer considered acceptable. Something has to happen. An event... Someone has to do something. Who are the heroes going to be?"

Scandal is currently swirling around President Trump, with ongoing investigations surrounding Russia's alleged tampering in the 2016 presidential elections to the U.S. leader's dalliances with adult actress Stormy Daniels topping the list.

"Who's going to rise up...?" Daniels adds. "Are the heroes going to be the women that marched the day after the inauguration...? Hell hath no fury like a country full of women scorned. Be prepared to duck, orange man."

"And then you've got the kids. An event happened. Parkland, Florida happened. Hardly the first. And those kids have mobilised everyone, I would hope, from voting age 18 and above, around the country."

Daniels hopes the growing anti-Trump sentiment in America will lead to a show of force at the 2018 mid-term elections in November, adding, "If all those people show up in November 2018, then maybe this kind of way of the world will make a turnaround. I'm hopeful. I still think there are some heroes out there."

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