Lil Baby Rents Strip Club for Jayda Cheaves' Birthday Bash After Lavish Gifts

Party attendees are greeted with big banners featuring the social media star's photos and a performance of a stripper the moment they arrive at the birthday bash venue.

AceShowbiz - Lil Baby really spoiled Jayda Cheaves on her birthday, to the point where the couple made a number of people jealous. Following a series of lavish pre-birthday gifts, the rapper rented a strip club in Atlanta to throw a massive birthday bash for his girlfriend and baby mama on Wednesday night, September 23.

Footage taken from the bash has since made its way out online, with one video showing how the venue looked from outside. It's clear that Baby had prepared a lot for the event, as a couple of big banners featuring Jayda's pictures greeted the party attendees the moment they arrived at the venue. They were additionally treated to a performance of a stripper just outside the place.

Meanwhile, inside, things were getting hyper. Jayda could be seen throwing money around as she rapped along to one of Baby's songs. Another video showed people cheering for Jayda as they made a toast while one of the staff members carried a three-layer birthday cake.

Just a day prior to the massive party, Baby took Jayda on a night out and showered her with lavish gifts that included an Icebox watch, several bracelets as well as a red Chanel bag. Not only that, but he also treated her to a fancy dinner. "Ya feel me… He said this the pre bday. Okay babe. Go up," Jayda captioned a video of her and the rapper enjoying their meal.

Baby and Jayda have been dating on-and-off for a couple of years. The latter went public with their romance back in 2018, revealing in an interview that the two met through her sister and connected almost instantly. The two welcomed their first child together in February 2019, but a year later, they took a break from their relationship. It didn't last long though, since both of them were spotted kissing each other again months later.

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