Kash Doll Confesses She Often Lies About Her Real Age

As people continue to question the 'Ice Me Out' rapper's real age, she takes to Twitter to write, 'I say I'm a different age every other week and it always get y'all hyped up.'

AceShowbiz - Kash Doll's age remains a mystery. Even though Google lists the rapper's birthday as March 14, 1992, which would make her 28, some people suspect that she is actually older with one speculating that she might be hiding her real age because she is embarrassed to be a new rapper at such an old age. Now, Kash just added fuel to the rumors.

Kash recently took to Twitter to say, "I say I'm a different age every other week and it always get y'all hyped up," along with a couple of crying-laughing emoticons. She also took the time to respond to a fan who said, "Nahhhhh Kash Doll tweeted and said she was 31 like two months ago and now she's saying 30. when just last year she tried to pass for 27. I’m f**king done!!!" Answering the question, she wrote, "I'm 26 b***h."

Another fan then jokingly asked her, "How old you gonna be tomorrow," to which she replied by saying, "Probably 29." Later on, Kash made it clear that she would never reveal her real age after a follower suggested, "The fact that yall really stressing over @kashdoll age is hella funny I hope she neva say how old she really is."

It's clearly not the first time Kash used her social media account to confuse fans. Earlier this year, the "Ice Me Out" rapper successfully made a lot of people wonder when she took to the blue bird app to announce her engagement to Omarion. "Me and Omarion is happily engaged," Kash said at the time. While some believed that she was telling the truth, some others were convinced that Kash was just joking and didn't actually mean what she said.

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