Noname Apologizes After Accused of Using Black Boy's Death to Criticize Beyonce

The 'Song 33' rapper, who previously spoke against Beyonce's visual album 'Black Is King', receives backlash after calling on Disney to 'boost' the killing of a 16-year-old teen with Down syndrome.

AceShowbiz - Noname has once again taken the heat for targeting Beyonce Knowles and her visual album "Black Is King". The rapper has been accused of using a black boy's death to criticize the R&B diva after attempting to shift the attention to the killing of 16-year-old Nathaniel Julius.

"Hey @Disney if black is king you'll boost this," she tweeted. Nathaniel died on Wednesday night, August 26 after police allegedly shot and killed him in South Africa. The teen, who reportedly had Down syndrome, struggled with communicating when he was approached by officers. He was then shot and thrown in the back of a police van, his family has claimed.

Noname's tweet was soon met with backlash as people accused her of using the teen's death to further show her disapproval of Beyonce and her work. "Noname really said this about a Young Boy who was killed........ just to shade Black Is King..... I'm disgusted," one Twitter user reacted.

The Chicago artist has since deleted her controversial tweet and apologized for it. "My intention was not at all to use Nathaniel's death to critique Beyonce," she wrote. "I apologize if that's how it came off. It just hurts to see @disney a billion dollar company profit of the likeliness of black folks and not do anything to support when blk people dying from state violence. I take responsibility and sincerely apologize to his family. #JusticeforNathanielJulius."

In another tweet, she defended herself against the criticism. "I'm seen as a 'celebrity' so everything I do can/will be viewed as performance," she claimed. "All my post will come off as clout chasing or attention seeking. The truth is I'm Black and I love the f**k out of my community. I'm sad and angry with the world all the time and it shows in my tweets. That's who I am. Human and flawed."

"Y'all win," she added. "There's other radical accounts to follow. You can find them on my page. Clearly I'm causing more harm than good. Again I really meant no harm." When a fan who told her "revolutionaries do not apologize," she replied, "I'm not a revolutionary."

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