Noname Sparks Controversy After Shading Beyonce's 'Black Is King'

The outspoken rapper has taken to her Twitter account to share her two cents on the project, calling the star-studded streaming visual album 'an african aesthetic draped in capitalism.'

AceShowbiz - Beyonce Knowles has recently released her star-studded streaming visual album "Black Is King" that features former Destiny's Child bandmate Kelly Rowland and her own family. While many fans applauded the singer for putting black excellency at the front, rapper Noname appeared to be not too thrilled by the film.

The outspoken star took to her Twitter account on Friday, July 31 to share her two cents on the project. "we love an african aesthetic draped in capitalism. hope we remember the blk folks on the continent whose daily lives are impacted by u.s imperialism," so she wrote to her followers. "if we can uplift the imagery i hope we can uplift those who will never be able to access it. black liberation is a global struggle."

oname shaded Beyonce's 'Black Is King'

Noname shaded Beyonce's 'Black Is King' on Twitter.

Almost unsurprisingly, the tweet earned Noname criticism from Beyonce's fans. "As an African living in Africa I assure you Beyonce's dedication to collaborating with our talented creatives to come up with beautiful uplifting art is doing more for us than anything you have done," one replied to her tweet.

Another user questioned, "Would you have liked it if the African looked poor and hungry?? You saw Africans being themselves and being part of an amazing body of art and looking good at that and you called it an aesthetic?? The real Africa is what small huts and torn clothes and hungry looking children?"

Someone else insinuated that Noname might have unresolved feelings towards the "Lemonade" singer in personal level that made the rapper biased in her opinion. "Whatever issue you have with that woman is deeper than capitalism but this bs that you typed is disrespectful asf to the actual African creatives that also worked hard on this film! Get it together!" the person said.

Prior to this, Noname came under fire after she mentioned Beyonce in a political-driven tweet. The tweet, which was shared on June 24, saw the rapper asking people to love political activist Angela Davis as much as they love the wife of Jay-Z. Quoting a tweet featuring "color photos of when Angela Davis spoke behind a four-sided bulletproof glass shield at Madison Square Garden, 29 June 1972," Noname wrote, "i wish angela got the love beyonce gets." The tweet has since been deleted.

The post apparently rubbed Beyhives the wrong way and prompted them to attack Noname. Bringing Noname's feud with J. Cole into the discussion, a fan wrote, "Cole 'instead of talking down on people who don't have access to the same information you have, maybe try to educate them instead, but you don't have to be condescending, we're all fighting the same fight' NoName 'y'all love Beyonce so much but dgaf about Angela Davis LMAOOOOO.' "

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