Madison Beer Struggles With Suicidal Thoughts Due to Borderline Personality Disorder

The 'Life Support' singer opens up about her battle with mental health issues, claiming that she uses music as a therapy as she has been diagnosed with BPD.

AceShowbiz - Singer Madison Beer has turned to therapy to help her cope with suicidal thoughts after she was diagnosed with a borderline personality disorder.

The 21 year old opens up about her mental health issues in a new interview with The Face magazine, explaining she was using her music as therapy before she realised she needed professional help.

"I haven't really opened up publicly about a lot of the stuff, but I was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder," she explains. "I was suicidal at one point. I was going through a really tough time, and I felt like making a break-up album amidst going through such real s**t was dumbing myself down in a way that I didn't want to do."

"Once I was given a diagnosis, going through therapy three times a week, I was getting more in touch with my emotions and figuring out how to be stable. I was able to write better and understand myself better. So I could just write the story how I wanted it to be told."

Beer, who briefly dated Brooklyn Beckham, was diagnosed with BPD in August 2019 and she'll celebrate a year free of self-harm next week (beg24Aug20).

"It was a hell of a year for me," she adds. "I did go through a break-up, but I didn't want to make a break-up album because I felt like that was so shallow. That was only one part of a big story, the tip of the iceberg."

"I'm already prepared for people to say that I'm lying. I'm not going to be the person who is like: 'I have BPD so I'm not to be held accountable for anything that I do'. That's the bad side of the mental health world. You have to try to be better, always. In my opinion, those are the rules. When I open up about it, I'll hopefully be able to provide people with a little bit more insight, like, 'This is why she's this way.' "

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