'Bad Girls Club' Alum Mehgan James Details Getting Assaulted by Lyft Driver, Blasts Cops

In a video posted on Instagram, the star recalls that her Lyft driver forcibly dragged her out of the car and left her on the highway after an argument over car windows.

AceShowbiz - Mehgan James had a not-so-nice experience on her way home from the airport. Instead of arriving home safe and sound without any troubles, the former "Bad Girls Club" star was forced to hitch a ride because she got attacked by her Lyft driver and thrown out on the highway.

Meghan detailed the incident through a video posted on Instagram on Thursday, August 20, explaining that her Lyft driver first asked her to put on some hand sanitizer because he recently lost his father to COVID-19. The star complied and got inside the car. Nothing happened at first until Meghan started feeling hot because the driver decided to roll the car windows down.

Even though Meghan asked the driver to close the window and use the air conditioner instead, he refused as he pointed out that it was a part of his precautions against coronavirus. She said in the video, "He rolls my window back down, and mind you the rest of the windows are down. So we're going a little bit further on the 405, and I just politely role my personal window up. I'm in the backseat passenger, and he's like 'oh you think I’m playing with you.' "

It got worse from there, as the driver decided to swerve his car across the freeway to the other side. He then threw her baggage on the side of the road before forcibly dragging her out of the car and leaving her just like that. Fortunately, she received a ride from a family who took her home.

However, that doesn't mean her troubles are over. She stated she tried to file a police report to no avail because the cops refused to help her. "Mind you LAPD Headquarters has refused to come to my house for me to file a police report. They said since it’s not an emergency that I should come file the report during business hours," Meghan continued.

Lyft has yet to respond to the claim.

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