Angela Stanton's Son Comes to Her Defense After Airport Confrontation With D.L. Hughley

The reality TV star-turned-politician claims on Twitter that she confronted the comedian at an airport about 'all the s**t he's been talking about me,' before the latter called for his security.

AceShowbiz - Angela Stanton-King's son, Jaybies, wants to let his mom know that she always gets his back no matter what. The reality TV star-turned-politician recently got caught in a confrontation with comedian D.L. Hughley, and her son took to Instagram on Monday, August 17 to come to her defense and attack him.

It all started after Angela claimed on Twitter that she ran up on Hughley at an airport in Dallas as he was trying to enjoy his breakfast. "Of course I confronted him about all the s**t he's been talking about me and he folded his little punk he is and called for his security," so she said on the micro-blogging site.

Hughley was quick to hit back and accused her of lying. "Don't believe the HYPE! I was between flights, trying to eat my breakfast," he wrote. "@theangelastanton comes up WITHOUT A MASK, IN THE AIRPORT and starts a conversation. She asked me if I (thought) BLACK TRUMP SUPPORTERS were C**NS because SHE'S BLACK and a TRUMP SUPPORTER…I said, 'I you're BLACK and a TRUMP SUPPORTER, YOU'RE DEFINITELY A C**N.' "

He continued, "The situation got louder and louder and my security did what they're SUPPOSED to do, de-escalate the situation. I have security for the same reason you wear makeup, so people don't see s**t get ugly!"

Defending his mother, Jay shared a video on Instagram telling Hughley not to drag his mom into his problems and urging the comedian to mind his own business and take care of his own kids. "Please you do not want a piece of me," Jay warned him at one point in the video, mocking him for getting checked by a female in person. "Find something safe to do," so he wrote in the caption of his post.

Hughley has yet to hit back.

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