Angela Stanton's Son Goes Off on 'Old F****t' Bobby Lytes for 'Harassing Him'

Jave gets too overwhelmed by emotion at one point as he claims that the VH1 personality has 'corona in your a**hole, you need to quarantine your a**hole for 14 days.'

AceShowbiz - Angela Stanton's son Jave doesn't have the best relationship with Bobby Lytes, and he has had enough keeping his feelings in the down low. During a public group chat hosted by Milan Christopher, the young boy went off on the "Love & Hip Hop: Miami" star and called him all kinds of names.

Among all the insults that he threw to Bobby, Jave said that the latter had a colonizer face and that he wanted to see him biting into a burger. "I still make more money than you, b***h, I don't have to go to reality TV show and show my a**hole," he told Bobby, before it got even worse with Jave saying that Bobby took a piece of porcelain toilet and put it in his mouth for his teeth.

Not stopping there, he claimed that Bobby put this teeth in a jar when he went to bed and called him an "old sissy" and "old f****t." Jave continued, "Your a**hole needs a breathing machine. We are not the same, b***h," adding that Bobby looks forty and horrible.

It got a bit raunchy at one point, as Jave said that Bobby's "p***y is volcano twirling rock. You have corona in your a**hole, you need to quarantine your a**hole for 14 days. You need sanitized gloves for your a**hole. That's not me. We're not the same type of girl. ...You're not healthy in the face." Before Jave could even finish his comments, Milan hit the mute button so that other people could not hear what he was saying.

It's unclear what caused Jave to be so mad at Bobby, though reports stated that the VH1 personality has been harassing the boy for months.

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