Summer Walker Claps Back at Jaguar Wright for Saying She Had Been 'Touched' in the Industry

The 'Playing Games' hitmaker tells the 'What If's' singer 'to be more productive with your time' after the latter claims that Summer 'got anxiety cause somebody touched her.'

AceShowbiz - Summer Walker has denied that she was sexually assaulted on her journey to become an artist she is today. The R&B singer has clarified after Jaguar Wright insinuated that the former had been "touched" in the industry.

Jumping in the comment section of The Neighborhood Talk's Instagram post about Jaguar's claims, the 24-year-old star wrote, "One, I ain't never been 'touched,' I'm a child of God," she said. "I'm highly protected and highly favored honey ain't nothing EVER happened to me, fortunately, I've been beyond blessed enough to never have to experience no s**t like that."

Claiming that if someone did her wrong, the person would never get away, Summer added, "Two, a mf would definitely get clapped, knocked off, anyone who ACTUALLY knows me knows that." She began shading Jaguar as claiming, "Three, I'm a highly intelligent introvert and PREFER to not interact with plp cause a a lot mf's throwed off, like you, your a prime example of why I don't have time."

The "Girls Need Love" songstress went on lashing out at the Philadelphia vocalist for picking on her, "& 4. You weird AF, you don't make something up as serious as RAPE about someone you don't even know and then try to blast someone about it. I need you to be more productive with your time & platform I don't know you but I expect more from you. You a woman , a fellow black woman at that like what type of time is you on ? For some clout? chile bless your spirit ima pray for you today."

Summer wrote the lengthy clarification in response to Jaguar's statements in an interview, during which she offered her thoughts on women in the music industry and offered advice on how they should protect themselves. She said, "My advice to any female who wants to get into this business? Have a thick skin, do not drink alcohol. Never get high in front of anybody."

She cited Summer as an example, saying, "Keep somebody close to you that you know at all times, Summer. Has anybody bothered to ask why she all of a sudden become claustrophobic and couldn't perform anymore? Because she had anxiety? Yeah, she got anxiety cause somebody touched her."

While Jaguar admitted that she can't confirm it, she added, "I don't know it for a fact but I see it in - I know the sound. I can look in a woman's eyes and tell when she been touched. She don't trust none of the people she's around so she just gon' stay off the road, you see."

She continued on with her message, "Now for every name I could tell you that you know, I could give you about 55-to-1 of all the ones that didn't make it but got the stories. See those are the ones, those are the worse ones."

This isn't the first time Jaguar made a shocking comment on another artist. Earlier this month, she accused Common of sexually assaulting her when she was asleep.

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