Jason Mraz Defends U.S. Postal Service After Donald Trump Criticizes Mail-In Voting

The 'I'm Yours' hitmaker reveals his former job as a mail carrier as he defends the U.S. Postal Service while urging fans to vote Trump out during the election.

AceShowbiz - Jason Mraz has opened up about his past career as a mail carrier in a passionate defence of the U.S. Postal Service.

The organisation has come under attack from President Donald Trump's administration, and is facing cuts that may harm its ability to process mail-in votes during November's (20) presidential election - with Democrats accusing Trump of trying to use the situation to influence the election.

Taking to Instagram, the "I'm Yours" star shared a snap of his Postal Service badge and wrote, "In a former life I worked for the USPS. My dad was also a mail carrier and later, after being chased by too many dogs, transitioned to being a mail handler. We both worked IN the post office - sorting mail."

"My experience is that the post office does an incredible job handling volume," he shared. "Especially those colorful bday and holiday envelopes sent by grandmas around the world."

Jason continued, "Do not think for a minute that this time tested system would fail us during an election. A government by & for the people would make sure the postal service is running at full capacity instead of closing branches and turning off AUTOMATED sorting machines which make sorting faster and easier - but - suspiciously, we have an administration trying to undermine the hardworking service men & women who make the USPS possible."

"Tampering with elections is illegal. So is mail fraud. You or I would go to prison for it," he insisted. "Let's make sure the postmaster general and our President are held accountable for their actions, starting with a personnel change in the People's House. #vote #voteblue #votelouder."

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