Jason Mraz Takes Beer Company to Court for Using His Song in Ads Without Permission

Filing a lawsuit against MillerCoors, the 42-year-old claims in court documents that the said commercial features him performing one of his biggest hits, 'I'm Yours'.

AceShowbiz - Singer Jason Mraz is suing bosses at beer company MillerCoors for using one of his songs in an online ad without permission.

According to his lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the commercial he spotted on Instagram features a clip of him performing hit biggest hit, "I'm Yours", live at the BeachLife Festival in Redondo Beach, California earlier this year (May 2019).

Jason claims the ad also features his face along with the Coors Light logo and a can of the beer prominently displayed.

He maintains MillerCoors bosses failed to seek his permission to use his music and likeness.

Mraz is suing for damages.

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