The 'King of Queens' alum also accuses the 'Mission: Impossible' actor of indoctrinating his then-wife Katie Holmes into Scientology and planning to separate his daughter from her mother once she gets older.

AceShowbiz - Leah Remini held nothing back when it came to Tom Cruise and Scientology. Having been an outspoken critic of the controversial church, the former star of "Kevin Can Wait" claimed in a new interview that the "Mission: Impossible" actor, who is a high-ranking member of the Church, had a "master plan" to "lure" his daughter, Suri Cruise, in and away from her mother Katie Holmes.

Speaking to New York Post about the matter, the ex-Scientologist explained, "Scientology considers Katie a suppressive person which is an enemy and therefore Tom believes, like all Scientologists, that he can't be connected to Suri." She continued, "I'm sure his master plan is to wait until Suri gets older so that he can lure her into Scientology and away from her mother."

In the interview, the "Dancing with the Stars" alum shared her relief that Tom's ex-wife, Katie, was able to get Suri out from the Church. She added that she was really proud of the 41-year-old actress "for getting her daughter out of something that would have been potentially very toxic and dangerous for not only Suri but for their relationship."

Weighing in on Katie's decision to divorce Tom back in 2012, Leah commented, "I knew Katie when she was in [Scientology] and she seemed very indoctrinated into Tom's world, but as time went on, and I understood why she did what she did to protect her daughter." She went on to speculate, "I'm only assuming that there's some type of agreement to protect her daughter."

Leah abruptly left Scientology in 2013 after being a devout member since she was 9 years old. She has since turned into the Church's loudest detractor. In 2015, she released a memoir titled "Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology", and produced and hosted a documentary called "Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath."

Since then, the actress playing Carrie Heffernan on "The King of Queens" never shied away from voicing her support to those calling out Scientology or its members. In late July, she praised Thandie Newton for admitting she was terrified of Tom when working with him on the first "Mission: Impossible" sequel.

During an episode of her "Scientology: Fair Game" podcast, Leah said, "That takes huge balls to do what she did, and if more people speak out in that way, and be brave enough to do so, I think we might get somewhere." She added, "Tom has gotten away with being this 'nice guy', because that's what Scientology policy says - to create good PR in the world and make those 'good actions' known."

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