The Maybelline spokesperson appears to shade the former 'America's Got Talent' host as she writes on Instagram, 'Someone who values you, wouldn't ever put themselves in a position to lose you.'

AceShowbiz - Nick Cannon's on-/off-girlfriend Jessica White is single and ready to move on. In fact, she has revealed whom she sets her eyes on next while announcing his split from the former "America's Got Talent" host.

On Wednesday, August 12, the model took to Instagram to share a sexy pic of her flashing her bare back to the camera. Along with it, she appeared to diss her ex-boyfriend while declaring her single status in the caption.

"Someone who values you, wouldn't ever put themselves in a position to lose you," she wrote. Seemingly referring to the comedian/actor as "baggage," she continued, "I'm so blessed, I'm whole, and ready to embrace a single life free from all baggage."

Assuring that there's no bad blood between her and Nick, she added, "I wish nothing but the best for @nickcannon But truly excited for the next chapter in my life." She went on asking for her followers' help to shoot her shot with Brad Pitt, joking, "Someone tag Brad Pitt and let him know I'm single and momma has an abundance of pure love to give! Hahahahaha."

Jessica's announcement of her split from Nick comes one month after she responded to an accusation that she's a homewrecker after it's reported that Nick is expecting a child with his ex Brittany Bell. Clarifying that the baby was conceived when she and Nick were on break, the Victoria's Secret model explained, "Nick and I have been together off and on for years. Their new child was conceived when we had temporarily broken up. Any child is a blessing. This is the last time I will answer these questions."

"I am no home wrecker at all," she stressed, before adding, "Nick was a free man at that and can be with whoever he so chooses and for years that person has always been me, That is between him and Britney I support him through thick and thin as he does the same for me."

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