Justin Hartley Backed by Ex Lindsay Korman as Chrishell Stause Continues to Shade Him

The 'Days of Our Lives' actress praises her ex-husband as an 'exemplification of a solid man' and a 'devoted father to our daughter' amid his messy split from the 'Selling Sunset' star.

AceShowbiz - Justin Hartley's ex-wife Lindsay Korman-Hartley has got his back amid his nasty split from Chrishell Stause. In a statement posted on her Instagram account, the soap opera star praised the father of her daughter Isabella Justice Hartley as she tried to push the use of social media to spread positivity.

"In a day when social media should be used for positivity …," she began her post shared on Tuesday, August 11, "an inspiration towards movement in an honest and deserving way, I'd like to join, by highlighting my appreciation for my family."

She took the moment to share her appreciation for her ex-husband Justin "for not only being [an] exemplification of a solid man but for being my dear friend and devoted father to our daughter." She added, "Simply put; for being family."

"We derive our own opinion of people by experiencing life and time together, and we do our best to hold dear the ones that maintain consistent kindness, love and generosity," she continued, before stressing that they have put aside their differences in the past for a peaceful life. "No matter what conflicts Justin and I had in the past, I appreciate what we have today and I am thankful for the family we have built."

Lindsay's statement comes amid Justin's messy split from his estranged wife Chrishell. In the latest episode of "Selling Sunset", the reality TV star revealed that the "This Is Us" star informed her he filed for divorce via text 45 minutes before the news broke.

She also took to social media to shade her estranged husband and recently liked a tweet suggesting that he cheated on her with his new girlfriend Sofia Pernas. "@justinhartley filmed a movie in Canada at the same time his new gf @SofiaPernas was filming the summer before they split," one user pointed out. "The timing seems like he probably cheated on @Chrishell7 and took a coward's way out to avoid spousal support and gaslight her."

Chrishell also clicked a double-tap on a tweet of an article about a mystery celebrity couple whose marriage ended after the husband fell in love with another woman. One user caught on and made a guess, "Justin and Chrishell Hartley."

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