Chris Sails Reacts to People Criticizing His Son's Outfit

Taking to Instagram Live, the YouTube personality says, 'It do not matter what a child has on as long as they've been taken care of, as long as they're healthy, as long as they got clothes.'

AceShowbiz - Chris Sails has weighed in on people's harsh comments on the outfits of his and Queen Naija's son. Going on Instagram Live on Monday, August 2, the YouTube personality condemned the critics and noted that designer clothes don't matter.

"It do not matter what a child has on as long as they've been taken care of, as long as they're healthy, as long as they got clothes," so he said. "As long as they're taken care of, none of that designer clothes matter."

He went on saying, "My son was taken care by both of his parents, so it doesn't matter what he's wearing. My son.. I'm gonna teach him we don't need none of that to be accepted in this stupid a** world we're living."

Fans quickly reacted to his Instagram Live, praising him for his remarks. "How y'all gone say he just wanna be in something when y'all are literally talking about his son y'all don't know what side y'all wanna be on," one person said. "this the only time ya can't hate on him he speakin up for his kid.. if yu see something wrong wit that u may need to see ya self to a hospital or something."

"True! Kids know no value in that expensive stuff! I feel that," another person said. "This the first time he has said something that actually makes sense," one commenter added.

It started after a Twitter user criticized how Queen dressed her sons. "Why is one kid wearing $65 dollar shoes and the other $600 dollar shoes. Seems like favoritism," the person said, referring to Queen's sons CJ, whom she shares with Chris, and Legend, whom she shares with Clarence White.

Clapping back at the hater, Queen said, "Because they're shoes matched their outfits y'all gotta stop this." She went on saying in a separate tweet, "y'all be going too far speaking on people's kids, but remember one day you'll have one. If not already." She added, "Long as them babies healthy, loved and learning they good [heart emoji] AND IS."

"Cj literally does not even wanna be on camera anymore. He said why does everything have to look good for the camera," she continued. "I had to talk to him and tell him what people say isn't true. And sometimes being on camera is our job and how they have all the things they have."

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