The Grammy-winning country music singer has surprised a female fan as he suddenly appears during a video call between the fan and her soldier husband deployed in Qatar.

AceShowbiz - Brad Paisley made a fan's day by jumping on a Zoom call between her and her soldier husband, deployed in Qatar.

The country star has shared a clip of the big surprise for the fan, named Amanda, that he organised with her spouse on social media, explaining he previously met the military man in Afghanistan in 2014.

"A text caught my eye... a picture of me & a soldier named Austin together in Afghanistan," the "Celebrity" singer tweeted. "6 years later he's on deployment in Qatar, & we pulled off a surprise for his wife at home in Little Rock. These are the moments I will always remember from this crazy time."

Amanda was left stunned when her favourite singer appeared on her computer screen during a Zoom chat with Austin, during which the couple celebrated its seventh wedding anniversary.

"I can't thank you enough for what you do for this country," Paisley told the Arkansas pair, adding, "Before long we'll meet in person and it'll be great."

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