Lil Yachty 'Embarrassed' After TikTok Video of Him Rocking 'Aunty' Hairstyle Goes Viral

In the viral video, the rapper can be seen proudly showing off his haircut, moving his head around, as the popular 'Not the Bangyang' song is playing in the background.

AceShowbiz - If there's something that Lil Yachty regrets doing, it's posting a video of him getting playful on TikTok. The rapper has broken his silence after a video of him rocking a full perm hair went viral on the Internet earlier this week.

For those who need a reminder, the video showed Yachty proudly showing off his haircut as the popular "Not the Bangyang" song played in the background. The video quickly went viral and sparked a lot of memes, with many people calling his hairstyle a "Sunday service aunty hairstyle."

Meanwhile, another person reacted, "Boat look like that one girl who never took her headphones out in 7th grade," as someone else joked, "This n***a look like main office secretary in a middle school." There was another individual who said, "N***a look like somebody Aunt Sheryl." One other commented, "7 year old me in church on Easter Sunday after a fresh relaxer and my mom bumped the ends."

Now that it's gotten viral, Yachty apparently regretted his decision to ever post that video. He took to his Twitter account on Sunday, July 2 to write, "I ain't gone lie my TikTok was never supposed to get out now that it's been found I am embarrassed."

However, many people encouraged him to keep posting funny videos because according to them, his videos made their day. "You shouldn't be embarrassed I watch you Tik Toks and I really enjoy them ! Just be you ITS YOU and if ppl can't except that , then there's the block button simple ! Keep your Tik Tok," one person said in the reply section. "You better not be!!! People need stuff like that! I straight died and came back 50-leven times!! Top TikToks evaaarrrr!" another told him.

"no need to be embarrassed. You hair is healthy and it was funny. Showing off your healthy hair to that song," someone else said, as another echoed, "Don't be!! Your showing us the real you. I LOVE IT!! & the way you treat your mom."

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