Jennifer Lopez Trolled Over Her 'Baby Hairs' Photo

Social media users are not having it after the 'If You Had My Love' songstress posted on Instagram a picture of her showcasing what she dubs 'baby hairs and monitos.'

AceShowbiz - Jennifer Lopez's nearly flawless looks on red carpet have validated her as one of trendsetters, but that's not the case when she recently debuted a new hairstyle. Social media users are mocking the Latino star for showcasing what she referred to as her "baby hairs" in one of her latest Instagram post.

On Thursday, July 16, J.Lo posted a picture of her rocking two buns with pieces of her shorter hair gelled down on her forehead as she stared into the camera. "Baby hairs and monitos [little buns]," she captioned the image.

But people think there's nothing baby about those hairs and they took to Twitter to poke fun at her claim. "J Lo got her hair gel way down to her eye talking bout some baby hairs," one person pointed out on the blue bird app. "J Lo know she was dead wrong for posting that baby hair pic," another wrote.

"J Lo thought she was giving the girls a lil a baby hair freak and she gave em some leave out instead," a third user mocked the 50-year-old singer/actress. "J lo baby hair looks like the fantasia magic brooms," another added, while some others informed the star that her so-called "baby hairs" were actually "bangs."

J.Lo has not responded to people's reactions to her "baby hairs," but this isn't the first time she was questioned over her style. Though the "Jenny from the Block" hitmaker often received praises with her social media posts, earlier this year she took the heat for posting a photo of her sporting a white T-shirt with "#BronxGirlMagic" written on it. The phrase is a spin to the popular saying "Black Girl Magic" that was created to help uplift black girls around the world.

Not having it, one person told the fiancee of Alex Rodriguez, "Please stop the bs," while sharing a screeshot of the description of "Black Girl Magic." Another disappointed user wrote, "I'm glad you're proud of who you came from, but can we please let the Black girls uplift themselves and each other without us non-Black Latinas inserting ourselves?"

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