Teyana Taylor Blames Kanye West After Mykki Blanco Blasts Her for Unpaid 'WTP' Feature

Teyana insists that she has nothing to do with Mykki not being paid for the 2018 feature, writing, 'Sorry to burst ya bubble but FREE is actually KANYE'S management/team.'

AceShowbiz - Teyana Taylor and Mykki Blanco are beefing on Twitter over "WTP" feature salary dispute. On Friday, July 17, the latter took a jab at the pregnant star in an Instagram post in which she claimed that Universal Music has still not been paid for her feature fee for the song which was released back in 2018.

"Can you believe it's been two years and Universal Music has still not paid me my feature fee for this song? Can you believe it took 1 year with the help of my lawyer to get credited on the song, because it did. I wrote on and co- produced this track as well as writing the verse that [Kanye West] literally raps on 'Hurry'. Is that a big accomplishment to write for other artists NO, this isn't about clout," so Mykki wrote in the post.

She also accused Teyana's team and Universal of treating her "WITH SO MUCH DISRESPECT, THEY HAVE TREATED ME BAD YALL... REALLY BAD, I HATE DOING THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA BUT I HAVE HAD IT!!!!!" Mykki added, "It's a pandemic, like so many musicians I'm completely out of work. I'm doing writing jobs here and there but almost all of my income like so many others stems from touring. I've had it, I didn't want to go public but the way I have been treated is really, really, really bad. These people have been flippant, rude, they have lied, delayed, found me 'harmless' and 'inconsequential'," before asking fan to "NOT STREAM 'WTP'."

In response to the claims, Teyana wrote on her Twitter account, "@MykkiBlanco @kanyewest @UMG @defjam y'all figure this s**t out and keep my pregnant a** outta this," alongside a statement in which she put the blame on Kanye "because he put Mykki on the song. I had no clue he was on the song until played it for me the day before my album release party."

Teyana continued that Mykki's issue "should be with the person/people who put actually put and or/asked him to be on the record" and noted that she'd always had issue with how her album "K.T.S.E." was handled. The "Wake Up Love" singer then blasted Mykki, "Mykki u wack for how u going out, cause YOU KNOW I have nothing to do with this & YOU KNOW I PERSONALLY made sure you was properly taken care on my end. ... But I guess because Kanye is the bigger artist.... You save his a** because you don't want the smoke from the man who took my original feature off to keep you on it without my approval." She referred to "Pose" actor Dashaun Wesley.

"& the audacity to say 'this is not to bad mouth Teyana' but in the same nutshell, have people on here placing all of the blame on me & my team?! Okay, got it. Say less. I'm too pregnant and too old for this messy s**t," she concluded.

Teyana Taylor denied being responsible for the feature fee dispute

Teyana Taylor denied being responsible for the feature fee dispute.

In response to that, Mykki wrote to Teyana that she had her own receipts of Teyana's side "LITERALLY IGNORING MY MANAGER, IGNORING MY BUSINESS MANAGER/ACCOUNTANT AND IGNORING MY LAWYER. Teyana don't play me, this DOES NOT ALL FALL ON KANYE. Just own your side and move on." In another tweet, Mykki said, "IT'S A PANDEMIC, NOBODY CAN TOUR OR PLAY SHOWS. YES I'M COUNTING MY COINS AND YOUR TEAM REPEATEDLY DID ME DIRTY. I WAS "INCONSEQUENTIAL FALLOUT'."

Mykki Blanco accused Teyana and her team of ignoring her emails

Mykki Blanco accused Teyana and her team of ignoring her emails and doing her dirty.

Mykki went on a rant on Twitter

Mykki went on a rant on Twitter.

However, Teyana still insisted that she had nothing to do with Mykki not being paid for the feature. "Sorry to burst ya bubble but FREE is actually KANYE'S management/team. FREE is on the good music side of things. U keep tryna blame my mom/manager for something she had nothing to do with but when she was made aware, she instantly worked to get the situation rectified for YOU," she said to Mykki.

As Mykki continued to accuse Teyana and her team of doing her dirty, Teyana claimed in one tweet, "Even tho I don't like how u handled me, I will make sure the LABEL get you paid. NOW that i know. Good day." She then concluded the back-and-forth, "Ima end it like this. Real simple. STOP STREAMING WTP. #StopstreamingWTP @UMG @kanyewest pay her & keep me out of the drama. I don't bother anybody. I'd like to continue my unproblematic life in peace."

Teyana defended herself

Teyana defended herself before asking people not to stream 'WTP'.

Meanwhile, she explained why she misgendered Mykki in her tweets. "I wasn't aware that she is now a trans women. The last time I've seen/met her which I've only seen/ met her 2 times in my whole life. she wasn't transitioning yet. That was damn near I think 2 years ago," she clarified.

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