Evan Rachel Wood's Mom 'Upset' by Her 'Westworld' Death

The actress would love to return to the HBO hit series as Dolores Abernathy one day as she recounts her mother crying following the demise of her character on the show.

AceShowbiz - Actress Evan Rachel Wood had a really hard time keeping the season three death of her "Westworld" character quiet - especially from her "devastated" mum.

The "True Blood" star was sworn to secrecy when she heard the sad news about her future on the hit HBO show, but she was most worried about how her mother would react.

"So (co-creator and showrunner) Jonah (Jonathan Nolan)... broke the news to me. He said that she (character Dolores) was going to die; he was very blunt about it...," the star tells Variety and iHeart podcast "The Big Ticket".

But keeping the information to herself was harder than she imagined.

"I'm bummed out and going through this mourning period, and I can't tell anybody why or what's going on or how the season ended," she continues. "Honestly, the person that it was the hardest for was my mother... I knew she was going to be devastated. And she was, but more than I anticipated."

"I called her up and she's just weeping... I had to... give her some kind of hope, but for the most part, that was the hardest phone call I think. I understand why she was so upset; she takes it personally any time a character that I play meets their demise. It's a personal attack."

And Evan is hoping to have some good news for her mum one day soon because a possible return to the show for her dead character has been suggested.

"I want to come back," she adds.

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