Kash Doll Announces Engagement to Omarion

While some people believe that the rapper and the B2K member are engaged, some others are convinced that she is just joking and doesn't mean what she says.

AceShowbiz - This is truly something that you will never expect happening. Taking to Twitter on Wednesday, July 8, Kash Doll announced that she and Omarion are happily engaged, shocking almost everyone who saw the announcement.

"Me and Omarion is happily engaged," so the rapper said on the microblogging site. Her post soon garnered all kinds of attraction, with some people believing that she was telling the truth. Meanwhile, some others were convinced that Kash was just joking and didn't actually mean what she said.

"Kash roll engaged to Omarion. Tf the world comin to," one person said, while another one commented, "Kash doll & Omarion ??!!!???? I actually love to see it." Someone else wrote, "Me asking Kash Doll if she's really happy with this Omarion fellow as she thinks she is." There was also an individual who said, "They are both beautiful people but they don’t look like they match."

Meanwhile, one who did not believe what she said reacted, "You can tell Omarion is nothing but great vibes, high energy, positivity & Shea butter. He don't want s**t to do with Kash Doll outta all people." A different individual responded, "Honey we all 'engaged' to him mentally at some point...you don't tweet it. maybe sis having a fever dream."

Kash Doll has since deleted the tweet. Meanwhile, Omarion has yet to react to her announcement.

Kash Doll has dated several rappers in the past and was also in a relationship with Tory Lanez for less than a year. On the other hand, Omarion used to date Apryl Jones and even share two children together. Their relationship was documented in the first two seasons of "Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood", though they later broke up in 2016. The two are now peacefully co-parenting their kids.

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